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Organic 3D Design

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*Beginner level design

Learn how to create this Organic 3D Design with a chrome detail! The skills you will get from this curriculum such as application, placement, and balance using hard gel will give you the ability to create SO MANY MORE dimensional designs.

This course is design-centric and can be completed in less than one week. Students will skip the nail prep education portion (as they would learn in Beginner and Intermediate) and solely focus their education on design skills. Students will only have one homework item to complete, and still, receive a live Q&A session with the instructor. For optimal results which include learning more designs, manicure duration, and client retention, we highly encourage you to enroll in our Beginner and Intermediate level courses so you have the full scope of skills to become a MASTER of your craft.

*Tuition is non-refundable.

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