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"The prep work section was very informative, and I enjoyed doing the homework where you had to put your own spin on the designs. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. This course has taught me some great new techniques. VPI helped me to ‘go for it’ even if I didn’t think I was capable of executing certain designs."


-- Rebekah Pritchard

Instagram: @thebeautyspotstreetly

Beginner Level Course Graduate

"I loved the Botanical lesson! It was detailed and challenged me the most."


-- Summer Meteekul


Intermediate Level Course Graduate

Final 2.heic

"I loved all four designs. They are all unique and I like that I can use them as a base when thinking of new creative designs. My favorite was Marble and Fornasetti. The marble technique is beautiful and I love the way it looks. Fornasetti was fun because it was surprisingly challenging, especially in a beginner’s course. I loved it.


What I learned in this course is a good foundation for my future nail art work."


-- Narisa Montero

Instagram: @lowkeyluxurious

Beginner Level Course Graduate

"I found the homework and final test fun and challenging!"


-- Kristen Valdez-Doherty

Instagram: @sfnoma

Intermediate Level Course Graduate

final 3.jpeg

"The live session was positively helpful! It adds a lot to the course. I’m happy to say all my questions were answered not only in a knowledgeable manner but also in a way that showed empathy. I’m very thankful and I would recommend this course to others."


-- Gloria Monteleone

Instagram: @joliehappynails

Beginner & Intermediate Level Graduate

"For the beginners course, the homework is quite intense, although I enjoyed it! My favourite had to be the Fornasetti Design as it was something new to me and I learnt some new, valuable artistic methods. The VPI course certainly offer so much value when compared to the cost. I would 100% recommend this course to others!"


-- Paiwa Drew

Instagram: @paiwaloves

Beginner Level Course Graduate

final 2.jpeg
line art 2.jpeg

"I found the nail preparation, drill work, and brush skills taught in the course very helpful. I would rate the course 10/10. I really enjoyed the course!"


-- Minnie Yonemoto

Instagram: @moemnail

Intermediate Level Course Graduate

"I absolutely loved the opportunity to take the designs and techniques in the course and make them my own in the assignments. I found the workbook handout for each lesson very useful. It was great to cross-reference the text because I could simultaneously have my video going while I was working on something. The assignments in the workbook were incredibly clear.


The live session was a dream come true! I don't personally know many nail artists and it was incredible to talk to Gena. We discussed my work at length but also important topics such as social media, service timing, and career development. This was an invaluable resource to me.


I really enjoyed this course. This course allowed me to improve my craft and bring the future and direction of my career into focus. From this course, I gained what every artist craves-- inspiration!!"


-- Alexandra Ramirez

Instagram: @nailhavenct

Intermediate Level Course Graduate

Nail Techniques and 2 Nail Designs.jpg

"I love how you can take the nail art technique you learned from Kanae and add your own spin to it. I definitely learned some new techniques that I haven't tried before. Even though I am not a beginner at nail art, it exposed me to more styles of nail art.


This was my very first nail course I ever took and it was rewarding! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone at any stage of their nail artist career whether you are a beginner or have experience."


-- Asia Bloodworth

Instagram: @asiathebird

Beginner Level Course Graduate

"I liked learning the color mixing technique used in the Rose Design, it taught me how to create specific shadows that give the flowers a 3D look!"


-- Jennifer Steese

Instagram: @little_bliss_priss

Beginner, Love, Rose, Graphic Squares Design courses Graduate

thumbnail_image_6483441 (1).jpg
Yoshiko 2.jpg

"My favorite design was the Geometric design, I had never done it before!

The live session was so helpful for improving my skills! I liked that the teachers looked at my nail design tips and gave me advice."


-- Yoshiko Yamaguchi

Instagram: @yoshnail

Beginner Level Course Graduate

"I liked all the designs offered in the Intermediate Level Course, but my favorite was the Turquoise Design because it looks super realistic.


Taking the final test was a very good reminder of all the techniques I had learned during the whole course curriculum!


The live session was amazing. My instructor gave me really good feedback and answered all my questions. Moreover I received good advice from her own experience. Thanks again for that!


In my opinion, VPI is the best online course, especially if you are a beginner and just want to try something new. I first signed up for the Beginner Course because I wanted to understand whether nails are “my thing”. I completed both VPI’s Beginner and Intermediate courses, and now I’m sure more than ever that I will proceed with a nail career!"


-- Inna Aisina

Instagram: @aisinainna

Beginner & Intermediate Level Graduate

3D cubes.jpg

"The final test was just challenging enough! I had to sit down and plan what I wanted them to look like while also incorporating the guidelines. It was challenging for me, but I felt very proud of my final set in the end!"


-- Teagan Protz

Instagram: @nails.byteagan

Intermediate Level Course Graduate

"I found the nail prep, drill work, and brush skills taught in the course absolutely perfect, and I really enjoyed the incorporation of this information in the student curriculum!


The live session was so helpful! Gena was very attentive and supportive, she answered all my questions, and I left the session with no doubts!


I enjoyed the homework lessons overall. You get to be creative, and I really love that."


-- Odalys Garcia

Instagram: @odys.nails

Beginner Level Course Graduate


"The nail preparation taught in the curriculum was super helpful and changed how I now perform this service on my clients.


I would rate this course 10/10! I’ve followed Vanity Projects for years and was made aware of the Institute through the salon’s Insta. I signed up in hopes of brushing up my skills so that one day I can work in the New York salon!"


-- Liz Stowers

Instagram: @briteclaws

Intermediate Level Course Graduate

"I found out about Vanity Projects through an old co-worker who would religiously get her nails done every month. I would always look forward to seeing what new set she got. COVID shook the world up, and when I saw Vanity Projects launch an institute I was very interested in learning, but self-doubt pushed me away. I also became a new mom and have an almost 1-year-old boy (almost 2) and a 6-month-old boy, and thought there was not enough time for me to focus on nails with two babies under two. But then during the holidays, I promised myself to practice self-love and do things also for myself. I am so happy that I registered for the beginner's course. I enjoyed learning these techniques and found the student workbooks extremely helpful and well-organized. I also found this to be very therapeutic for me, and now I'm carving out time to practice my skills on a daily basis, to continue improving. I continue to practice nail art and plan on taking more courses with VPI!"


-- Alejandra Orozco

Instagram: @canidoyournails

Beginner Level Course Graduate

VPI Beginners Course- Alejandra Orozco.jpg
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