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"I found out about Vanity Projects through an old co-worker that would religiously get her nails done every month. I would always look forward to seeing what new set she got. COVID shook the world up, and when I saw Vanity Projects launch an institute I was very interested in learning, but self-doubt pushed me away. I also became a new mom and have an almost 1-year-old boy (almost 2) and a 6-month-old boy, and thought there was not enough time for me to focus on nails with two babies under two. But then during the holidays, I promised myself to practice self-love and do things also for myself. I am so happy that I registered for the beginner's course. I enjoyed learning these techniques and found the student workbooks extremely helpful and well-organized. I also found this to be very therapeutic for me, and now I'm carving out time to practice my skills on a daily basis, to continue improving. I continue to practice nail art and plan on taking more courses with VPI!"


-- Alejandra Orozco

Instagram: @canidoyournails

Beginner Level Course Graduate

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